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Why You Might Want to Encourage Clients to Use Technology Once You Become a PSW

2018-07-25 by NAHB

PSW training

There are so many important ways that seniors can benefit from technology in 2018. From expanding their social network to keeping track of appointments, there are many benefits that technology can offer. There are even a number of cognitive and, yes, physical benefits that come with seniors exploring and using technology. Technology can also help seniors become more independent, instilling them with greater confidence and higher self-esteem when they succeed in using new technology and devices.

PSWs new and old can encourage the use of technology when caring for their clients. Read on to learn why and how!

Smartphones Can Help Clients Better Maintain Their Medication Schedule

Smartphones are such useful little gizmos. While there’s a lot that can be done with them, one handy feature is the scheduling apps and automatic reminders that these little devices can provide. This can be useful for remembering events, appointments, and family visits. In addition, it can also help clients keep track of their medication schedule so that they always remember to take prescription medications at designated times.

While caring for clients, PSWs can help seniors better understand the features of their smartphone, as well as how to use the calendar or scheduling app to set reminders that, with an alarm, notify them when they need to take a certain medication. Many calendar apps also allow the user to input a written message, which clients can use to mark their dosage, should they forget.

Smartphones can be a very convenient tool for seniors!

Smartphones can be a very convenient tool for seniors!

There are also apps specifically designed not only to remind seniors whenever they need to take their medication, but when they need a refill, as well as alerts for missed doses and instructions on what they need to do should they forget to take a pill. Grads with PSW training can help clients learn to use these apps to check and track their dosage history. This means fewer problems with maintaining a pill schedule, and an added helpful tool for seniors who want to maintain their independence.

Grads with PSW Training Can Help Clients Connect With Others Over the Internet

There’s no question that the internet has helped people of all ages expand their social network. What makes mastering the internet so important to seniors is how it can help them keep in touch with their loved ones. For seniors whose loved ones are overseas or living in another city, Skype, social media, and email can help them stay connected even when regular visits may be harder to organize.

Graduates of a personal support worker course also understand how being able to talk with family and friends online can make all the difference for seniors who feel isolated from time to time. With the help of their PSW, clients will be able to see their friends and family as they chat, giving them a deeper sense of connectivity and fulfillment.

Bring on the Fun with Some Video Games for Cognitive Growth!

Video games and seniors may sound like an oxymoron, but the mental and even physical health benefits for clients can be significant. For example, seniors can play fitness games on a variety of different consoles, like the Wii and X-Box 360, to get some exercise. There are many games that can simulate sports like tennis, bowling, and even obstacle courses, helping clients stay in shape while also giving a boost to their coordination.

Video games are another great way to get seniors to socialize!

Video games are another great way to get seniors to socialize!

Clients can also play console or handheld video games, like Brain Age, to help them enhance their cognitive skills. Puzzles, crosswords, and Sudoku apps can also be downloaded onto smartphones, which can be used to have fun and improve memory while on the go.

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Helping Seniors Feel Less Isolated: How You Can Make a Difference During Your PSW Career

2018-04-11 by NAHB

psw career

Isolation is real problem that affects 28 per cent of seniors aged 65 and older, most living alone without a spouse or family member. Seniors often become isolated because of uncontrollable external factors, such as disability, the death of a family member, or retirement. Studies have shown that social isolation among seniors can increase the risk of death, poor physical and mental health, and impaired mobility. Isolated seniors are also at a higher risk of being the victims of elder abuse as well as long-term illnesses such as depression, dementia, chronic lung disease, and arthritis.

Thankfully, there is a way for compassionate individuals to contribute to ending isolation among seniors, and enhancing the quality of their care. Students pursuing a career as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) can reduce feelings of isolation, helping their clients feel included as valued members of their communities.

Here are some of the ways a career as a PSW can help you prevent isolation among seniors.

PSW Training Can Teach You How to Address the Individual Needs of Each Client

Being able to assess and adapt your care to the needs of each individual client will be an important part of your PSW career. For example, clients who experience anxiety or depression may require more mental stimulation or encouragement to join in a group activity. Some may even benefit from having a pet, or from regular visits by therapy animals.

Being able to properly attend to each client’s unique requirements can make all the difference. It’s why top schools like the National Academy of Health and Business (NAHB) include courses dedicated to the individuality of the patient. Throughout your career, your ability to help each client in the way that best addresses their unique challenges and concerns can help them break free from feelings of isolation.

psw training

Knowing each client’s specific needs can help PSWs enhance care

PSW Training Also Prepares You to Meet the Specific Safety Needs of Clients

Another important issue for many seniors suffering from isolation is safety. Isolated seniors may have more difficulty maintaining an adequate diet or getting enough physical activity. For some, vision loss can also make them more prone to tripping and other accidents. This can present a dangerous problem. Seniors may experience a fall or other safety problem, which can have serious consequences on their health. In addition, an accident can further isolate a senior, as it can reduce their mobility and make it more difficult for them to leave the house or engage in activities.

Fortunately, professionals with PSW training have a clear, complete, and grounded understanding of safety standards, such as general techniques for assisting a senior with their mobility, medication assistance, and CPR/ first aide. Each of these skills can help you ensure that your clients stay safe, even when they may have a smaller support network of friends and family to rely on.

PSWs Can Help Seniors Just by Being There

For many seniors, a visit from their PSW can be the highlight of their day. A friendly, compassionate, and engaged PSW can create a social environment that keeps seniors feeling connected to those around them. Asking a client about their day, remembering their hobbies and interests, and enjoying friendly conversations together can all help to build connection and reduce isolation.

Personal Support Worker courses

A friendly and compassionate PSW can have a positive impact

For this reason, communication is an essential skill students learn to develop during their training. For example, at NAHB students learn to develop their interpersonal skills, and even get to practice these skills in a real work setting through practical placements. As a result, students graduate knowing how to best connect with their clients. For many, it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of this career path.

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