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Interested in Office Administration Training? Here’s How to Improve Your Organizational Skills

2018-12-26 by NAHB

office administration courses

Working as an office administrator includes paying attention to details, juggling several different tasks at once, and being able to retrieve information quickly if you need to. Staying organized is key to managing all these different aspects. That might sound a little tricky now, but don’t worry. Hands-on training programs allow you to develop your skill set, so that you can feel confident stepping into your career.

There are also several handy tricks you can use to stay organized—both during and after your studies. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Write Down Important Information During and After Office Administration Training

Whether you prefer keeping notes in a handy app or writing in a physical notebook, writing down information can help you stay organized. Why? One important reason is that writing things down helps you better remember information. Forgetting that your boss asked you to schedule an important meeting or that a co-worker asked for help with an assignment can lead to confusion and difficulty managing responsibilities. You might have to reshuffle tasks, or speed through an assignment at the last minute to meet a deadline.

If you write down everything, on the other hand, you will be able to remember each task and detail. This will in turn help you stay organized and manage your time effectively.

office administration diploma

Writing down information helps you stay organized

Try Cleaning Your Desk and Desktop

Part of staying organized involves keeping your workspace free of clutter. After all, a tidy work environment is easier to navigate. This can be a useful approach you use during your office administration courses. However, it’ll be even more important once you’ve begun your career after graduation.

Try clearing away old memos or files, whether they’re located on your desk or on your desktop. This could mean stashing old files away in a filing cabinet, or putting digital documents away in the appropriate folder. If a file is really no longer needed, throwing it out might be the best option. However, it’s important to not be too hasty, as throwing away important documents that you still need could actually make you more disorganized. Double check your company’s policies to be sure that you’re not accidentally throwing away a document you’ll need later.

Name and File Documents in an Intuitive Way

Keeping older documents stashed away is helpful only if they’re properly organized in the right folder. This helps ensure that if ever you need to retrieve the document, you can do so easily. Depending on the nature of the file and your workplace policies, you might want to organize files by client name, file date, or other information. The important thing is that the file is easy to find later on, when your memory of it might not be as clear.

In addition, the name you give each file can also help to make it easier to find at a later date. Try keeping a consistent format when naming files, so that you can easily search through them to find the information you need.

Try to Develop Good Work Habits After Office Administration Training

One important trick to staying organized during and after office administration training is to form habits. To create a new habit, it’s a good idea to approach the same task in the same way each time you tackle it. This might mean always sorting through your emails at the same time each morning, or always filing documents in the appropriate folder immediately after they’ve been used.

These little habits might seem strange at first, but over time they could help you complete tasks faster and with greater accuracy. Good work habits can help you avoid a long clean up or filing session, since you’ll have done a little bit each day.

office administration training

Top professionals develop good work habits

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5 Secrets to Improving Your Email Etiquette During Office Administration Training

2018-11-21 by NAHB

office administration class

Small gestures make a big difference. That’s why proper email etiquette is so important. It tells the people you work with how professional you are and whether you are somebody who takes their job seriously.

While email etiquette alone is no guarantee that you’ll get a promotion or land new clients, you can be sure that poor email etiquette won’t help. If you want to advance your career, here are some helpful tips you can use after graduation.

3 Reasons to Study Office Administration in the New Year

2018-01-17 by NAHB

office administration training
Every business, no matter what sector they are a part of, has a need for effective office administration. This goes for businesses of any size or scope, since each one will need effective business correspondence, efficient filing of documentation, and other essential tasks completed by trained office administrators. In this respect, professionals in this role are very much at the heart of the business they work for.

This makes a qualification in office administration a highly desirable asset, and can be a wonderful choice for anyone looking to step into a new career in 2018. Here are three considerable benefits to beginning your training in the new year.

Office Administration Training Can Help You Access Many Different Opportunities

One of the benefits of choosing to study office administration is that it encompasses skills that will be of use to a very wide range of businesses. This means that after graduation, you could apply to work at many different kinds of companies. For example, you could apply to a cutting-edge IT start-up, a major multinational corporation, or to a thriving ‘pillar-of-the-community’ local business. You might even choose whether you would like to work in a full-time or part-time capacity—a choice that can be especially appealing to young parents. Whether you want your year to include an exciting new challenge, or a career that offers healthy work-life balance, training in office administration can help you reach your goal.

study office administration

Graduates of office administration training can choose to work at a wide variety of companies

You Will Be Able to Build Up an In-Demand and Modern Skill Set

A qualification that provides you with solid, applicable skills can be an immense advantage in the current job market. For those considering this career path, effective office administration training will ensure that you have developed both the hard and soft skills necessary to thrive in the modern workplace. Learning to expertly use essential computer programs such as Power Point, Word, and Excel, as well as other hard skills, will be an important part of your training. In addition, essential soft skills like effective communication are also included in top office administration programs.

office administration diploma

Modern business administration training will give you the skills needed to help businesses thrive in 2018

This means that by the time you graduate, you’ll feel at home with industry standard programs like the Microsoft office suite, as well as practices like effective accounting and other office procedures. These are the tools that will help you become an important part of any team, no matter what role you choose after your training.

Study Office Administration and Enjoy the Buzz of Working With the Whole Company

For many aspiring students, going back to school can be an important step in getting a career they can feel proud of. If reaching your full potential or getting out of a rut is a goal you would like to achieve this year, then office administration training could be the key to your success. In many ways, choosing a career in office administration means choosing to be at the centre of a company’s operations.

Ultimately, office administration is a role that involves regular interaction with all levels of a business. It might even include building relationships and productive connections with suppliers and other organizations your company might be in contact with. The over-arching nature of this role makes it an ideal career path for those seeking to work in a person-focussed and varied role that will offer a rewarding challenge.

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How to Start Your Virtual Office Assistant Business

2015-06-24 by NAHB

Office administration diploma

These days, the office is no longer an essential component of running a successful business. In fact, modern technology has made it possible for most businesses to be easily run from home using cloud-based storage and sharing programs, as well as the internet.

When we think of the term office assistant, the image of a formally-dressed professional sitting behind a desk typing and answering phones likely comes to mind. However, this is no longer the case, as many of today’s office assistants are freelancers who work from the comfort of their own home. Virtual assistants are in fact in high demand, since they are much more flexible and their services are more cost effective than in-office assistants.

If you are enrolled in an office administration program, you might consider becoming a virtual assistant once you have earned your diploma. Read on for some tips on starting your very own virtual assistant career.

Assess the Skills You Can Offer as a Virtual Office Assistant

Experts holding an office administration diploma know that the first step to becoming a virtual office assistant is gaining a clear understanding of what services you can offer (and are willing) to offer to your potential clients. One great thing about this career path is that it is extremely versatile. As a virtual assistant, you will be able to decide what your specialization will be. For example, if you have experience in marketing, you can offer marketing services to your clients. Having your own niche means you’ll become an expert and go-to figure for certain services—making you a more desirable employee.

Build a Price List for Your Administrative Assistant Services

This is usually the most difficult part of starting a business or freelancing, however, there are several ways you can decide on the charges for your service. Some virtual assistants charge by the hour, while others charge by the project. You can also charge clients in increments, or perhaps have retainers.

Professionals in office administration careers know that your rates generally depend on your level of expertise, the industry that you are working in, as well as your existing client base. Of course, as you gain more clients and more experience, you will be able to raise your rates. And, always remember not to undersell yourself!

Successful Office Administrators Know the Importance of Networking

Once you’ve assessed your skills and established a fair rate, you will be tasked with building a client base. The best way to do this is through networking.

Graduates of office administration colleges who have gone on to become virtual assistants know that there is no longer a need for printed flyers and pamphlets. Most networking is done in person and online, so if you’re going to spend money on marketing and promotion it should go towards creating a great website and perhaps purchasing some digital ad space. Another way to network is through social media. There are so many platforms out there and you should be leveraging each and every one of them, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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