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Why study Legal Office Administration at NAHB?

2014-01-08 by NAHB

According to Government Canada, several factors and trends have combined to produce a very positive outlook for the legal professional over the next few years. Statistics point to growth in several legal sectors, which in turn has resulted in a greater need for legal administrative support staff. In addition, eligibility requirements for legal aid are being overhauled and expanded as of 2012, which is expected to prompt industry growth and increase demand for legal office administrators.

A growing demand for legal admin professionals

According to industry insiders, candidates must have a college diploma in legal office administration in order compete in the expanding market. And now that workplace data systems are digitized, legal employers are searching for versatile administrators; employees who are trained to carry out a wide range of tasks, including the effective management of relevant software programs.

Students interested in legal office admin training should look for diploma programs that offer comprehensive courses of study that effectively prepare candidates for the diverse requirements of the modern legal profession. The National Academy of Health and Business (NAHB) is an ideal choice for students who wish to pursue the very best in preparation for a successful career as a legal office administrator.

NAHB: a range of practical knowledge and essential skills

The National Academy of Health and Business is a leading legal office college that offers an efficient, well-rounded 26 week diploma program in legal administration. The program equips students with the specialized knowledge they need to work in various sectors, including

  • Wills and estates
  • Family law
  • Civil litigation
  • Corporate law
  • Real estate law

In addition to understanding the language and principals of various areas of law, students will receive instruction in the latest computer software programs, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint – the essential daily tools of any legal office.

NAHB: supporting student professional success

As part of its comprehensive legal admin training program, NAHB prepares students for the realities of the modern law office environment. Many industry employers prioritize top-notch training over experience in the field, and with that in mind, NAHB ensures that students are well-versed in written and oral business communication, the principles of Canadian law, and legal terminology. Graduates are known for their high level of skill and work-place professionalism.

NAHB also supports students by showing them how to translate their newly acquired diploma into a successful job placement. Toward the end of the program, special attention is paid to the dimensions of job searching – this crucial element is built into course curriculum. Graduates of the program have secured positions in corporate law departments, small legal practice, attorney’s offices, and large legal organizations.


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