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Steady Growth Projected for Canada’s Accounting & Payroll Jobs

November 4, 2015

Demand for trained professionals in Canada continues to grow.

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Never-ending Opportunities

Few jobs offer the seamless transition between sectors like positions within the Accounting and Payroll industry. The majority of skills acquired at one organization are transferable to the next and so on – giving you tremendous flexibility when searching for employment. And, some good news if you’d prefer to work from home – Canadian census data shows there is a growing trend among employers to outsource Accounting and Payroll positions in the areas of accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services1.

An Accounting and Payroll Diploma gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge in an area virtually no company can do without.  With ever-changing federal and provincial legislative requirements and laws employers are increasingly counting on trained accounting and payroll administrators to handle payroll duties, remittances and benefits. Employees rely on your skills to ensure their payments are made timely and accurately – their livelihood depends on it. The demand for experienced payroll administrators is high and is projected to grow through to 20171.

Responsibilities At-A-Glance

Payroll training gives you an understanding of tasks relating to employee payroll management. This includes hiring employees, calculating deductions such as the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance Premiums and Income Tax Deductions.  You also learn about remitting (sending) these deductions along with the employers share of these deductions by the organization’s remittance due date(s).  Additionally, you are responsible for reporting the employees’ income and deductions on the appropriate T4 or T4A slip.2

Accounting training involves some bookkeeping activities such as recording financial transactions, producing invoices and competing payroll.  However, the scope of this responsibility goes beyond basic bookkeeping – it includes the action or processes involved in maintaining financial accounts.  This encompasses the preparation of financial entries and statements, analyzing costs, completing tax returns and developing reports to help business owners assess the impact of financial decisions.

Salaries and Common Career Paths

Average salary figures in this discipline range from $35,000 to over $100,000 depending on experience, capabilities and tenure within the industry.  Individuals who excel in this area have the room to progress into positions with more responsibility and higher salaries. 

Common Career Paths in Canada3


Industry Accreditation and Support

Should you choose a career in this field you can easily add credibility to your resume and help build your career by joiningthe Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).

Memberships are available to students, graduates and those employed within this field.  Additionally, you will benefit from leading-edge support in your new career including these benefits:

  • Toll-free hotline to answer your toughest payroll-related questions
  • Federal & Provincial Legislative Updates
  • Payroll Best Practices Guidelines,
  • Forms, Checklists and Reference Material,
  • Payroll Mall (list of suppliers/vendors)
  • JobConnect (online job and resume posting service).

As well, your CPA membership provides you with regularly produced publications, professional development and certification program offerings as well as conferences and networking opportunities.

Are you interested in obtaining your Accounting and Payroll Diploma? Visit the NAHB for more information or to speak with an advisor.

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