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Preparing for a Career in Corporate Law: What to Expect if You Want to Become a Legal Office Administrator

February 20, 2019

legal office administrator careers

The diverse nature of law means that there are a variety of specialized areas you can work in as a legal administrative assistant. From family law to civil litigation, real estate, and corporate law, there is no lack of areas to choose from if you’re interested in joining the legal profession.

One path that a legal administrative assistant can pursue is in corporate law. Corporate law is the body of law concerning the formation and operations of a corporation. Working in corporate law is an attractive prospect for many, and offers a whole world of possibility.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a legal office administrator, read on to find out more about what you can expect from this exciting field.

Law Office Administrators Know Corporate Law Has Five Separate Principles

In corporate law, there are five attributes that generally influence how a corporation operates in the legal field. Knowing the main principles that guide corporate law can help you better understand the context of the work and daily tasks you may frequently encounter in legal office administrator careers.

These five principles are:

  1. Operating as a separate entity
  2. Limited liability
  3. Transferability of shares
  4. Perpetual existence
  5. Centralized, delegated management

In legal terms, a corporation is considered a separate entity, which means that it can own property, borrow money, pay taxes, and enter litigation. A stockholder is someone who invests in a corporation’s stock, and limited liability protects their personal assets from creditors or lenders, while transferability of shares helps ensure that they maintain individual control over their stocks. Every corporation wants to continue its business indefinitely, which means that they use centralized management to oversee their operations in order to ensure their perpetual existence in the market. These principles provide a framework that can guide legal office administrators throughout their work, and encourage a deeper understanding of how their responsibilities operate within corporate law.

Understanding how corporate law works is key to a career as a legal office administrator

Understanding how corporate law works is key to a career as a legal office administrator

How Legal Office Administrator Careers Fit into the Corporate Law Structure

The primary responsibility of a legal office administrator is to assist lawyers, working under their supervision to facilitate the work that a particular corporate law firm handles. As such, their work can take them to many different environments within corporate law.

A corporation may need assistance with a variety of legal issues, and the bigger the business, the more help it will need—a corporation may even have multiple offices across different jurisdictions. Some corporations use what’s known as in-house counsel, which means they hire lawyers to work exclusively for them, so you may find yourself working under the supervision of a lawyer whose only client is one corporation. Occasionally, some legal professionals choose to work locally for smaller corporate law firms, especially when they’re just beginning their career.

No matter the workplace, law offices need legal administrators who know how to properly handle their database, schedules, and more. In order to be prepared to overcome the challenges of working in corporate law, the comprehensive curriculum of legal office administration courses can help familiarize you with the comprehensive skills, software, and legal principles you’ll be working with day to day, as well as keep you informed of career opportunities and the finer points of a job search after you finish your training.

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