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Meet Mark: An Inspiring Graduate of our Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma Program

December 12, 2018

medical laboratory technician training

At the National Academy of Health and Business (NAHB), we work hard to help each and every one of our students achieve their career aspirations. Over the years, we’ve met many incredible students, and we are so proud of them and the success they’ve achieved after graduation.

Hyuck Jin Kwon (Mark) is one of many such graduates. His hard work and commitment to his education has paid off, as Mark now enjoys his new career. Continue reading to learn more about his story.

Deciding on a Medical Laboratory Technician Diploma Program

Before coming to NAHB to obtain a medical laboratory technician diploma, Mark first studied at the University of Arizona. There he earned a degree in Bio Chemical Engineering, before eventually moving to Canada with his family and settling down in Ancaster, Ontario.

It was then that Mark decided to return to school once again, this time to further his education as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Mark was a student with us for 10 months, and in this time he learned new procedures in the lab as well as practiced procedures he was already familiar with. Preparing reagents and staining solutions, collecting blood and other samples from patients, and more were all topics included in his training, and Mark approached each lesson with diligence. He was a very good student with great attendance and grades.

The Externship Placement Mark Completed as Part of His Medical Laboratory Technician Training

Mark’s medical laboratory technician program didn’t just include coursework. As part of his training, he also completed an off-site externship in order to apply his skills to a real work setting. Mark completed his placement at the Hemostasis Research Laboratory, located in Hamilton, Ontario. It lasted for a total of 6 weeks.

It was a valuable part of his education that allowed Mark to gain experience as a medical laboratory technician, helping to pave the way for a smooth transition into the workforce after graduation.

Life After Graduation: How NAHB Supported Mark Throughout His Job Search

As an ambitious and hard-working student, Mark decided to further his diploma and write both his OSMT and CSMLS certification after graduation. He succeeded in obtaining both, which made beneficial additions to his already impressive resume.

Our story with Mark didn’t end after graduation. After Mark’s graduation NAHB stood by him, helping him with career leads, interview processes, and updating his resume. Mark had a couple of interviews with no success, but didn’t give up. He contacted NAHB regularly, keeping us updated and getting tips on his interviews, and other positions available to him.

All of Mark’s persistence eventually paid off, as he landed a position working for Dynacare’s Core Laboratory. He reports that he is very happy with his new position, and is very thankful he chose our program. Mark thanks NAHB for the training that was provided to him along the way, not only in school, but also in the support offered to help him gain a position in his new career.

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