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Early Childcare Assistant Jobs

Do you want to make a real difference in your community? Do you love working with children? You may be a perfect Early Childcare Assistant.

With so many parents now working outside the home, there is an increasing demand for qualified early childcare assistants. Early Childcare Assistant job training at the National Academy of Health and Business prepares students for these job opportunities, mixing hands-on skills training with theoretical healthcare concepts and knowledge. Certified Early Childcare Assistants can find employment in daycare centres, nurseries and pre-schools, kindergartens, government and non-profit organizations and private homes.

Early Childcare Assistant Job Duties

Early Childcare Assistants play an increasingly important and varied role in childcare and child development. Early Childcare Assistants may perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Preparing and supervising activities for young children
  • Managing daily developmental activities
  • Telling and reading stories
  • Teaching and performing songs
  • Demonstrating use of musical instruments
  • Leading arts and crafts activities
  • Developing opportunities for dramatic play
  • Field trips
  • Records keeping
  • Assisting children with eating, dressing and toilet habits
  • Assessing skills, abilities, interests and needs of children
  • Monitoring progress or problems of children

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