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5 Tips for Maximizing Attention to Detail When You Become a Legal Office Administrator

October 3, 2018

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Attention to detail is one of the primary soft skills sought after by employers in the legal industry. Even minor mistakes can prove costly in the legal sector, so it’s essential for legal office administration students to develop excellent concentration in their daily work tasks.

A healthy mind is better able to spot potential mistakes and complete work to a highest standard. Developing attention to detail is, therefore, something that can be done outside of work hours by getting enough rest and arriving at work with enthusiasm every day. Here are five tips for maximizing your concentration and eradicating errors in the legal workplace.

1. Remove Distractions from the Workspace

When carrying out urgent and important work, your colleagues should be willing to recognize that you need space to concentrate. Inform them that you’ll be busy for a certain amount of time, and to refrain from making contact unless absolutely necessary. When carrying out less urgent work, be conscious of your smartphone use. It has become a habit for many to check notifications on a very frequent basis, so try and keep your phone tucked away somewhere where you won’t feel tempted to check it. This will make it much easier to maintain consistent concentration with work duties after you become a legal office administrator.

study office administration

Lawyers need legal documents to be completely error-free

2. Maintain Consistent Formatting in Documents

Proofreading is an essential but obvious technique for improving attention to detail. Don’t forget, however, to concentrate on the formatting of your documents too. Its content may be perfectly accurate, but inconsistent formatting creates an unprofessional impression of your work. Use the same font and font size for your headings and follow a consistent style guide in your writing. For example, you may prefer to write percentages as ‘percent’, ‘per cent’ or using the ‘%’ symbol. Check which one your office prefers and use it at all times while writing.

3. Use To-Do Lists to Prioritize Tasks

When you’re notified about a new task, don’t rely on your memory. Write it down on a to-do list, whether it’s a hard copy version on your desk or an electronic version on your smartphone or computer. It’s easy to forget about everything that you need to do in a busy legal office, so remove the risk by maintaining this list. Use notifications on your laptop too when you need a reminder about important upcoming tasks. This will help you to stay on top of your work at all times.

4. Be Careful About Multi-Tasking after You Study Office Administration

Multi-tasking is regularly cited as a positive work trait, but urgent and challenging tasks require dedicated concentration. Try and assign a deadline to each of your tasks, if one hasn’t been given already. Give yourself enough time to concentrate solely on each task. Multi-tasking is much more useful when you’re dealing with lots of simple jobs that you can easily resume.

5. Clear Your Mind by Taking Regular Breaks

Breaks during work aren’t just enjoyable, they’re essential. Graduates of legal office administration courses carry out important, technical work and it can become mentally draining at times. Give yourself time to regroup by stepping away from the computer screen at regular intervals. Grab a cup of coffee or eat a snack to boost your energy levels. Failure to rest adequately, at work or at home, will leave your mind tired and more inclined to overlook errors in your work.

A tired body will lead to more mistakes

A tired body will lead to more mistakes

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