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Identity Theft and Identity Fraud: The Key Differences Explained for Students in Police Foundations Programs

2018-10-31 by NAHB

police career

According to many experts, identity theft and identity fraud are on the rise. According to NBC, “In 2012, some 17,094 Canadians were victims of identity theft. In 2014, that number jumped to 20,611, an increase of nearly 20% in 2 years”.

In addition, according to a recent survey, “86% of Canadians believe they are increasingly at risk of identity theft and identity fraud.” For aspiring law enforcement professionals, these figures present a troubling problem. However, before trying to uncover different solutions, it’s first important to have a thorough understanding of these two terms, as well as how they differ from each other. Read on for a quick explainer.

4 Reasons Why an Early Childcare Assistant Career Is So Rewarding

2018-10-24 by NAHB

early childcare assistant career

You spend a lot of time at your job, so it’s important to find something that not only pays the bills, but also provides you with long-term growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Instead of quietly counting down the years to retirement, you want to be able to head to work every day knowing that you’re making a difference, developing new skills, and hopefully finding some moments of genuine joy and positivity.

For caring individuals who are interested in fostering the emotional and intellectual growth of young children, a career as an early childcare assistant can provide many of these benefits.

How Students Can Create a Professional Resume After Completing Accounting Training

2018-10-17 by NAHB

accounting training

Year after year, accounting professionals remain in demand. Every industry, from tourism to technology, requires accounting services, meaning that these valued professionals can be found at companies of all kinds, both big and small. As a result of these factors, accounting professionals can look forward to career stability, competitive salaries, and more.

The question for students newly entering the field, though, is how to create a professional resume that can set them apart from other applicants. How can they submit an application that will help them land an interview for their dream job, even though they may have little professional experience in the field? This is where a well-crafted resume can go a long way, highlighting the many valuable skills and credentials students gain through their training, and ensuring they stand out from their very first impression.

Read on to find out how.

4 Signs You Could Be a Perfect Fit for Dental Assistant Training

2018-10-10 by NAHB

dental assistant school

It can be difficult to decide on a career path. There are so many opportunities to choose from, and it can be hard knowing which one would feel most fulfilling. Would you be best suited to a career in healthcare, or one in business? Are you an ideal fit for working in an office environment, or would you prefer something a little more hands-on?

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell which career would be the best fit for you. In fact, if you’re wondering whether a career as a dental assistant would suit you, here are four reasons why you might enjoy this career path.

5 Tips for Maximizing Attention to Detail When You Become a Legal Office Administrator

2018-10-03 by NAHB

study office administration

Attention to detail is one of the primary soft skills sought after by employers in the legal industry. Even minor mistakes can prove costly in the legal sector, so it’s essential for legal office administration students to develop excellent concentration in their daily work tasks.

A healthy mind is better able to spot potential mistakes and complete work to a highest standard. Developing attention to detail is, therefore, something that can be done outside of work hours by getting enough rest and arriving at work with enthusiasm every day. Here are five tips for maximizing your concentration and eradicating errors in the legal workplace.


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